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DJ Drama’s Girlfriend Shares Photos Claiming He Bite and Beat Her Up

DJ Drama’s girlfriend recently took to Instagram to post videos showcasing injuries allegedly inflicted by him.

DJ Drama, whose real name is Tyree Cinque Simmons is a DJ and producer born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He cemented himself in hip- hop culture as the official DJ for T.I of Grand Hustle Records. He is best known for his mixtapes, which include the Gangsta Grillz series and Lil Wayne’s Dedication series. The DJ has worked with many heavyweights including Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, T.I, Willie the Kid, Outkast, Jim Jones, Young Buck, Nelly, Snoop Dogg, Akon, and Gucci Mane.

He debuted his new single “Nasty” which features PnB Rock and Moneybagg Yo exclusively on Complex on September 20th. When speaking to Complex on his musical endeavours the DJ had this to say, “Me and my team have been cooking up a lot of good music for the fans. Nasty’ is just the first of many more singles that will be released over the next coming weeks. There’s a lot of surprises coming so stay tuned!”

Well, I guess the DJ just revealed his first surprise. DJ Drama and his girlfriend have been living it up in Turks & Caicos while on vacation. However, it seems the pair encountered some rocky moments. Over the weekend, Drama’s girlfriend took to Instagram to inform the world that the DJ was a woman beater and he had physically assaulted her. His girlfriend who goes by the handle “debakii” on Instagram shared a video of her hand that was heavily swollen with numerous puncture marks that appear to be resulting from a bite.

She shared a video that only shows DJ Drama’s back while she berated him for his alleged actions. She stated, “This guy is a f**king woman beater.” She then goes on to add rather emotionally, “It’s not the first time, not the last time he’s put his hands on me. Look how f**king swollen my hand is. It literally has teeth marks that went into my hand and it’s f**king bleeding.”

She went on to post another video on her Instagram story showcasing other injuries she sustained on her chest and neck. “My shirt’s ripped, and my neck,” she stated while giving a close-up of her top, neck, and arm. She also posted a third video with the visuals, “Teeth marks bleeding from how hard he bit my hand.” All the videos were subsequently deleted.

Before going off on their trip, DJ Drama had shared a photo of his bae with the caption, “My Jawn @debakii Vacay starts tomorrow!!! and she nasty for me.”

The public outcry in response to her videos has been enormous, with many pleading with her to leave the relationship while others question the purpose of posting the videos in the first place, as she clearly stated it’s not the last time the DJ will be putting his hands on her, meaning she doesn’t intend to leave him.

One person commented, “The longer you stay with him when he abuses you, the more he’ll resent you and the abuse will only get worse. Women, please value yourself more than this. You don’t have to stay with a woman beater to fund your life, there are many ways to live the same lifestyle on your own. Your self love has to be so great that when men like this approach you, you simply walk away. Your mental sanity isn’t worth it’s trust me. Follow @simplysheneka for the feminine woman.”

While another added, “Ok you went public about it this time so we don’t wan to see y’all together next week. Bye.”

If her allegations are in fact true, we do hope she is able to make it out of the situation.