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Lori Harvey Responds To Rumors She Is Pregnant For Diddy

Lori Harvey and Diddy

Lori Harvey is shutting down the pregnancy rumors swiftly.

Diddy and his rumored new beau Lori Harvey sparked pregnancy rumors earlier this week when he was spotted rubbing her belly during their vacation in Cabo this weekend. The hip hop mogul and Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter seemed to be having a great time in the paparazzi photos that have been making the rounds online, and photographers told TMZ that they believed the gesture was a sign that the couple was pregnant.

Fans were quick to speculate that they were expecting even though their relationship – still unconfirmed – is so new to the public. Now that they are back in Atlanta, it was only a matter of time before we found out if the couple was with child or not. To the great relief of some and the utter disappointment of others, Lori appears to have dispelled the rumors herself on her Instagram.

The 22-year-old step-daughter of Steve Harvey posted a photo of herself revealing a toned, flat tummy in a Christian Dior denim bikini. If that was not enough to dissuade the rumor mill, she also wrote in her Instagram story, “Green juice every day keeps your skin clear and tummy flat. Kreaton juice sponsor me!” While some say that she is trying too hard to convince us that the rumors aren’t true, others simply considered the matter settled.

Harvey has been rumored to be dating Diddy for some time now. The controversy surrounding their alleged relationship has been laid on pretty thick not only because of their significant age difference but also because Lori allegedly dated one of Diddy’s son’s Justin Combs in the past. The online and tabloid frenzy that would ensue if a pregnancy was confirmed this early on in their relationship would be one for a ratings record-breaking reality TV show. Let’s wait for them to at least confirm their relationship first.

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