Reggae Singer Nesbeth Mourning The Death Of His Brother

Reggae singer Nesbeth is mourning the death of his little brother, Anthony Brown.

The news of his brother’s unfortunate passing, came while the “Success Story” singer was on a promotional tour in North America. Sadly, Anthony passed away on Saturday, August 25th at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) only days after being admitted. The nature of his illness is still unknown. The two share the same mother, and the death has been hitting the artist pretty hard. He posted a video of him and his brother with the caption, “R.I.P my little brother. It’s not a good feeling to be here in New York and get the tragic news from Jamaica.i got so much plans for him.” The video is very touching, and you can see the love between the two.

His latest post is a video of him and his daughter experiencing the New York Labour Day Parade for the first time. “My daughter’s first New York, Labour Day Parade. The love and joy of my children take me through my darkest moments #daughter #nesbeth#easternparkwayparade #ny #usa#reggaemusic #dancehall #ripinlittlet.” There has been an incredible outpouring of love and support for the artist. However, there are many comments also stating that the singer is cursed or is plagued with bad luck. These comments are referring to the fact that in 2016, he lost both his wife and sister within months of each other.

The Reggae artist is well-known for his inspirational and uplifting music. His 2015 song “My Dream” became one of his biggest hits to date. The song was so motivating and inspiring that when Andrew Holness was elected Jamaica’s Prime Minister in 2016, he quoted its lyrics in his inauguration speech and later joined Nesbeth on stage to sing the song with him.

Our condolences go out to Nesbeth and his family during this difficult time.