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Love & Hip Hop: Lyrica Anderson and A1 Confronts Each Other Over Cheating

Lyrica Anderson and A1 confront each other over cheating allegations on the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.

Lyrica and A1 have been going through a lot following rumors that she cheated on him last year with Safaree Samuels. The two later renewed their vows, had a baby, and appeared to be working on their marriage. Still, they drifted apart and decided to go their separate ways. We all know how these reality TV relationships are. One moment they’re together, and the next moment they’re chewing out each other on social media.

The former couple crossed path on this week’s episode of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood and Lyrica Anderson decided that she wants some straight answers. “Get to the details of what happened between you and this broad. I am asking you out of your mouth what happened. Did you f**k her or not?” she asked.

A1 reluctantly answered her, “yes.” She responded saying, “that’s what’s up.”

Not surprisingly, A1 pushed back at her by reminding her that they both cheated and therefore they’re both guilty for doing the same thing. “How are you going to say ‘what’s up?’ Lyrica we did the same thing; how are you better than me when you cheated on me last year,” he said.

“Half of the pregnancy I am running around not knowing if this baby is mine, imagine how I was feeling,” A1 continues.

There are also some rumors claiming that Lyrica Anderson is dating Floyd Mayweather, which A1 previously confirmed.