Romain Virgo Burn Out “Dutty Man” Gets Huge Support From Dancehall Fans

Reggae/dancehall artiste Romain Virgo has a message for all child molesters, aka “Dutty Man.”

The Rising Stars winner officially released his song “Dutty Man” on the weekend which has a strong warning for all perverts, as well as their enablers. The song had come to national attention after Virgo performed the song with 10-year-old Tashae Silvera of Rae Town in Central Kingston at Reggae Sumfest last month.

“Young girl, gwaan a school yah, no falla no baddy / Cause dat man weh a call you sexy, could be twice your daddy / Mi know time rough like grater, plus your mama don’t have it / But please mi beg yuh no mek dem come mess up your body,” Romain Virgo sings.

“So Dutty Man is finally out, produced by Upsetta Records and Loud City Music,” Virgo announced in a video on his Instagram page on the weekend. “We decided that we wanted to do something super special, so proceeds from this song will be going to Eve for Life. This is an organization in Jamaica that deals with adolescent moms, and most of these moms are victims of incest, abused by some dutty father, stepfather, uncle, cousin.

“Dem have some terrible stories, so we encourage you to purchase this song, stream, download, share, whichever way,” Virgo added. “Also, proceeds from dubplates will be going towards this organization, so we encourage di sound man dem fi link up and get your dubplates and let us support this worthy cause. Let us support this organization. Let us stand up for these girls, and we naw stop bun out dutty man, so get on board and let’s do this together. Bless up,” he added.

“Let’s start the #LeaveDem movement now! @eveforlife_jamaica,” he captioned the post.

Among the scores of people responding to the Virgo, were former Miss Jamaica World and Digicel Rising Stars host, Terri Karelle Reid.

“You already know that this means a lot to me!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” she told the singer.

One commenter Jah Spawn mulled over what the response would be like from Jamaican male taxi drivers, some of whom are known to play a variety of unwholesome music in their motor vehicles while carrying schoolchildren.

“I’m wondering if di dutty taxi and buss man dem who prey upon the little girls dem ago play this loud inna dem vehicle when dem a carri weh di likkle girls dem,” he said.

Others thanked the artiste immensely for bringing attention to the issue of child sexual abuse, which has been problematic for the country.

“Love the way you are standing up for us women Romaine….nuff respect and I love you. The performance at Sumfest made me cry because the song was so touching,” Claudette Murray said.

“I know I will purchase the song. Thanks so much for making such a beautiful song for teenage girls and all women to listen to. Keep up the good work and love you,” afelicia14 wrote.