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50 Cent Shares His Thoughts On Old School vs New School Hip Hop

50 Cent
50 Cent

50 Cent is clearly rocking with old school hip hop.

It’s no secret that every major music genre goes through changes. As the music evolves, so does the fashion. We’ve seen the transition from tracksuit and Timberland boots in the 1990s to oversize baggy jeans and jerseys in the 2000s. Now in the 2010s, we see a whole new level of fashion among rappers mostly wearing tight jeans. 50 Cent is not a fan of the new wave hip hop attire.

The G-Unit leader shared a meme on his IG comparing the old school and new school hip hop, and he might be on to something. “You know the Vibes I’m old school,” he wrote.

I have to agree with 50 Cent after seeing this meme and also seeing how some of our favorite MCs are dressing these days. Am with Fif on this one am rocking with the old school hip hop. The posts also accurately depict what’s going on because we do see the men wearing dresses and pencil foot jeans.