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NBA YoungBoy Reacts To Nipesy Hussle’s Death, No Fake Love

A leaked interview shows NBA YoungBoy’s reaction to the death of Nipsey Hussle.

A quick clip has resurfaced on the internet of rapper NBA YoungBoy being asked about his reaction to Nipsey Hussle’s tragic murder. The interviewer asked if YoungBoy was affected being that he was also a father and member of the rap game. But the 19-year-old rapper said he didn’t have any strong feelings on the situation one way or the other.

“I can’t show fake love, I don’t know him. But God bless his family I guess,” he said as he was entering a car to drive off.

Nipsey Hussle was gunned down in front of his Marathon clothing store in LA back in February, a tragedy that took the hip hop world aback. Many artists grieved publicly through social media and other outlets, but NBA YoungBoy gave an honest answer since he and Nipsey had never met. While some fans found the comments to be insensitive, others feel he was keeping it real, as opposed to capitalizing or clout chasing the tragedy.

NBA YoungBoy is set to be released from jail next week. He was booked on a parole violation after a shooting at Rolling Loud and sentenced to 90 days behind bars. Once he is released, he will have to sit at home on the ankle bracelet and won’t be able to perform until August 2020.