Watch Young Thug, Travis Scott and J. Cole “The London” Video

Young Thug The London video

Young Thug, Travis Scott, and J. Cole drop off the video for their collaborative single “The London.”

Talk about a huge lineup; we have some of Raps biggest names currently on this track. What a treat we got to hear J. Cole, Young Thug, and Travis Scott. This video, before the beginning, promises greatness based on the lineup. “You can meet me at the London/ If find time we can run one / Talk about some things we can undo/ You just send the pin I could find you,” Scott raps.

Travis Scott jumped on the track with one of the coolest hooks I have ever heard. As cool as you’d like while also still packing a punch and his sound, as usual, is on point. Travis, who plays a security officer in the video, definitely has the hook on lock.

J. COLE – “Circumnavigate the globe as the cash grows.”

J. Cole, the master did precisely what he was expected to do, he killed it, as usual. I don’t know about you, but I for one couldn’t even imagine Cole and Thugger on the same song before “The London,” and it sounds like they should do a couple more. I also don’t know a beat Cole has failed on; he is magic.

Young thug, the God of flows, lived up to his reputation. Not only is his flow great, but his clarity in this song is way better than the Young Thug of old, had me wondering if we can now expect Thugger to slow down going forward. A bit quiet lately the artiste is back with variations to his style but has also maintained all the elements we love about him.
The video itself has an ultra-creative concept. All three rappers are being housed in a Hotel (The London), and the cameras travel up and down through the hotel rooms to give us a view of the rappers. The video had me hooked from the start; I have to admit it is good work all around from the artistes to the director of the video, Brilliant!