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Crime Mob’s Princess & Diamond Celebrates ‘Knuck if You Buck’ Anniversary, Solange Behind Reunion

It’s been 15 years since legendary southern rap group Crime Mob released “Knuck If You Buck,” and two of the members have reunited with the help of an unsuspecting celebrity.

Princess and Diamond, the girl half of the 2000’s group, told the Breakfast Club on Friday that the two mended fences and reunited with some guidance from none other than Solange. Solange sampled an interview from the two Atlanta rappers on her recent album When I Get Home. You can hear them for a few seconds on the “Can I Hold the Mic” interlude.

Princess told the Breakfast Club hosts that seeing how much of a fan Solange was of them helped them to believe in themselves again.

“Shoutout to Solange, we were on her album … and then we were about to do Coachella with her and that fell through. And then she hit us up about doing the Met Gala after party,” Princess said before Diamond added that during those interactions, Solange had a conversation with the “Stillettos” rappers about patching up their relationship. The group split up in 2007 and Princess, and Diamond even had a public altercation at Soulja Boy’s birthday party a year later.

“[Solange was] giving us the ‘G’ having a real conversation, telling us like ‘Get it together,’ and that she was inspired. We’re like ‘No, we’re inspired.’ Just getting us all the way together,” Diamond added. “Being able to be apart of her journey and being able to kind of appear here and there and do some more things with her, it’s just a blessing. It’s allowed us to have more opportunities.”

Both rappers blamed bad business and young age for the demise of Crime Mob but said their journey in the music industry brought them some important life lessons. The two also revealed that their most popular 2004 hit “Knuck if you Buck” was originally recorded in the home of Princess and fellow Crime Mob member Lil Jay, Princess’s brother. Princess said the song was inspired by how many fights they would get in during school.

Princess and Diamond also dropped a new EP on Friday titled Vagina Power.