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A$AP Rocky Testimony In Sweden Audio Leaked: Listen It

ASAP Rocky

The audio from A$AP Rocky’s testimony in a Swedish courtroom was leaked out.

A$AP Rocky appeared in the Stockholm district court again today to testify in his assault case. An audio recording of the rapper’s testimony was leaked online on Thursday and it revealed the Harlem rapper’s take on what happened on the day of the assault. Rocky, who was born Rakim Mayers, addressed the concerns about the glass bottles. “We saw bottles on the floor, and we picked them up,” he said. “We didn’t want them to get the bottles. We didn’t want them to have them in their possession.”

The plaintiff alleged that Mayers and the two other men hit him with a whole or part of a glass bottle which caused the victim to sustain severe injuries, so it’s been a major point in the case.

In his statement, A$AP went on to clarify that he only held the bottle temporarily. “As far as the bottles go, I held it momentarily because I realized it was stupid. Especially when they didn’t have it in their possession, it wasn’t necessary for me to have it, so I put it down,” he said.

As to why the police weren’t contacted, A$AP said “Tim asked the girls to call the cops because we didn’t know the number to 911. And for some reason that day in Sweden Uber didn’t wanna work either. We were having problems with Uber, and we were having problems with the scooters.”

The “No Limit” rapper also admitted that he intervened when his associate Tim was attacked by the two alleged instigators and that this was when he “threw [the defendant] to the ground and I stepped on his arm – I kicked his arm – and I punched him or shoved him and at this moment my friends came to help,” he admitted, “I saw [the defendant’s] friend charging at me. He and I we pushed, we shoved for a bit, we pulled for a bit. Right after that, my security guard, Tim, came and turned me around and walked me up the block.”

A$AP Rocky sounded rather calm when giving his account of what happened on the day that landed him in jail. There are, however, a few details that the court maybe didn’t appreciate. Let’s hope this honest account will aid in proving his innocence.