Foota Hype Blast Baby Mama Ishawna & Tifa Over Gay Pride Performance, Dancehall Fans Reacts

Ishawna and Foota Hype

Foota Hype went in on his baby mama Ishawna, and dancehall stars Tifa and Yanique Curvy for their planned performance at a Gay Pride event.

Dancehall artistes are embracing the LGBT community more and more these days. Last year, D’Angel performed at the PrideJA Breakfast Party making that the first time that a dancehall artiste performed at an LGBT event in Jamaica. This year, three dancehall artistes are booked to perform. Ishawna, Tifa, and Yanique Curvy Diva are all expected to take part in the event, but some dancehall pundits like Foota Hype are not in support of the move.

The veteran sound system selector went on his Instagram Live earlier today to sound off on the topic, and it’s not surprising that he is lashing out against the artistes who include the mother of his child.

According to Foota Hype, he suspects that the three artistes are broke and desperate for bookings, which could be the reason behind them accepting the request to perform. He said the same thing about D’Angel last year saying that nothing isn’t going on for her, so accepting the booking for the Gay Pride event wasn’t a surprise.

Foota Hype also took a few shots at his baby mama, saying that she is so far gone and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she signed on for the event. It’s unclear what Foota means when he said she is far gone, but that has been one of his go-to talking points about Ishawna since their bitter breakup.