Dancehall Viral Sensation Mackerel Gets Legal Threats Over “Goodie” Catchphrase


It seems it will be off to the Kangaroo Court for Amari and Mackerel quite soon.

The middle-aged deejay says she will be taking legal action against the teenage internet sensation for her use of the word “Goodie” to describe herself, as according to Amari she owns the word which should apparently only be uttered by her, something never before heard of in world history. In an Instagram video she posted this morning Amari, a former lover of the semi-toothless Gully Bop, warned Mackerel whose real name is Ladasha Francis and her fans, to stop using the word forthwith.

“Goodie is for intellectual, intelligent, beautiful, smooth-face women that are reaching for the stars, weh no teck weh people man, weh most of all, love dem God. And oonu can try fi adopt di name so till, it naw go work because I am not going to stand for it,” the artiste, whose biography claims she studied Internal Law at the Nova Southeastern University declared.

“But I am telling you Mackerel, kindly ask you ‘Macrolians’ – that is oonu rightful name – to leave the name Goodie alone. And I am serious about it. And, if you don’t stop I am gonna go about it legally. I am going to sue yo blu-blu claat. And I hope that you have money to deal with it, becaw you better get an attorney. I am saying drop the name Goodie Goody don’t fit yu. Find one nedda name weh fit your style,” she demanded in a terse voice.

Her absurd demands were met with a barrage of teasing comments by followers whose descriptions of her ranged from a long list of adjectives ranging from childish, silly, to mad. “A wha do you, u no av nutten fo do? Go clean up u place mon,” Kedean Gordon said. “Gonna take people to court for using a word everybody seh everyday. Muss a carry the entire world ga court,” DJ Gloy said.

Shantae Mills and neva_snitch were highly caustic in their comments: “Move u bloodcl@@t A you mek di word? U need a bbc legally mad certificate!” Shantae said. “Da big stay bad oman yah jus sick mi. Attention yah seek. Fool guh siddung,” neva_snitch wrote.

Amari’s fake eyelashes on her right eye, which had come loose, were also at the epicentre of ridicule.

“Den she serious, people been a use goodie from b4 Bop know so idk what legal way u ago by fi own the word goodie. Go use super glue set uh lash properly yaw lady,” itsjust_dominique ordered.

“Kmt. Go oneside Amari and go fix you eyeash. You fava bullgdog. Kmt,” Arlene Brown stressed.

Amari has gained fame for her numerous brazen posts on Instagram. At the beginning of the year she warned Dancehall Diva Spice that she would be taking over Dancehall and eclipsing the artiste “like a thief in the night.”