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50 Cent Says Juelz Santana’s Missing Front Teeth Behind His Insomnia

50 Cent and Juelz Santana

50 Cent says Juelz Santana’s missing front teeth is keeping him up at night.

Perhaps 50 Cent was struggling to find a target to troll this week because he is now recycling one of his old talking points about incarcerated rapper Juelz Santana. The Dipset rapper has already addressed the rumors about his front teeth were missing. Apparently, that is not enough for Fifty to stop trying to find the location of his missing teeth or maybe they’re not missing after all. It’s still Monday, so the week is just getting started. Therefore, you can probably expect the G-Unit chief to troll Santana all week if he does not find a new target.

In the fall last year, 50 Cent trolled Juelz Santana about his alleged missing teeth, forcing the Dipset rap veteran to respond by showing off his pearly white teeth. This morning, 50 posted a meme on his Instagram page, his favorite platform for trolling, where he once again raised the issue about Juelz Santana’s teeth.

“Ok something wrong with me,” he wrote in a screenshot of his Google search history before adding, “What happened to Juelz Santana teeth?”

Juelz Santana is currently serving 27 months in prison for a gun case where he brought a weapon to the Newark airport. While Santana is counting the days until his freedom, 50 Cent is still worrying about his ‘missing’ front teeth to the extent that it’s keeping him up at night. 50 previously trolled Juelz over the news that he ran from the Newark airport when TSA agents found the gun in his luggage.