Dancehall Fans Trolls Konshens Over His Drip, Says His Outfit…

Konshens outfit

Konshens is getting trolled by dancehall fans who think his drip is a bit outlandish.

Fashion is a big part of dancehall culture as artistes often turn heads with their outfits in music videos and stage performances. One dancehall veteran, Konshens, is getting some flock from dancehall fans over a costume he wore recently for a music video shoot. Some folks are suggesting that his outfit makes him look gay, while others think there is nothing wrong with it. However, the vast majority of fans who commented on the below video seems to feel some way about the deejay’s dress code.

“The neck of that shirt is missing, one fan wrote while another added, “Is he finally coming out the closet…whew vhoile that blouse.” One man added, “U a drift weh mi G…from the Otha day u bin acting sweet.”

Konshens seems unbothered by the criticism and proceeds to showcase some behind the scenes footage from the music video shoot which took placed in Mexico. The Subkonshus deejay recently got into a beef with his old foe I-Octane over his nose ring. Konshens has since clapped back saying that Octane likes to deejay about other men. So you can expect a clap back from him to some of his critics in short order.

Konshens may not even have to respond because some of his hardcore fans are doing the fighting for him. “Is like man can’t wear what them want to wear freely are else them gay yow Jamaican a the worst ppl them me ever come across. Never have ntn good to say,” one fan wrote.

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Let’s face it; we’re living in a social media age where people can hide behind a screen and troll celebrities. But often some folks get exposed.