I-Octane & Demarco Diss Konshens Over Nose Ring, Deejay Clapped Back

I-Octane and Konshens

Konshens and I-Octane have reignited their beef.

The two dancehall hitmakers have a longstanding beef between each other that went dormant for some time. I-Octane recently teased a new single where he seemingly took some shots at Konshens over his nose piercing, something that is a bit of a taboo in the dancehall industry for male artistes. The Subkonshus deejay has since fired back at his longtime nemesis, and now it appears that it could turn into an all-out feud.

I-Octane recently posted a video of himself and Demarco vibing a new single that appears to shot straight at the heart of his beef with Konshens. This new song featured a line saying “badman huh bore nose” an alleged shot at the “Realest Song” deejay. Also in that video vibing to the song was Konshens’ rival DeMarco who had a brief spat a couple of years ago. Some believe that DeMarco’s presence all but ensures that Konshens was the target of the diss track.

Konshens hit back on social media saying the Puff It performer has never had a hit song without it being related to men. Konshens is having a dig at his lack of hits focusing on the females in his career so far. Supporters hugely backed this claim, and Instagram became polarized between the two artistes.

In a video uploaded to his IG Story, Konshens called out I-Octane saying that his songs are always about another man and not about the ladies. “Pre this, excluding like ‘Lose A Friend’ and them songs deh that Taji write zeen, and ‘My Life’ and them songs,” Konshens said. “Just pre everyone that Octane did have to do with boy, or man, or pants.”

Well, we are all waiting for the release of I Octanes track, it should cause another stir in the pond.