Masicka Sparks Controversy With Hot and Heavy “Blessing” Video

Masicka Drug Lawd

We’ve been waiting for Masicka to release a new song for the ladies for a while. And that he did.

The Genahsyde deejay uploaded a steamy music video to his YouTube on Wednesday for his new song “Blessing.” The song by itself has all the ingredients to make any girl “bruk out” but I guess Masicka thought he needed an added variable in his visuals to push it over the top. The video which was shot at a beautiful location with great scenery is replete with beautiful women as well. But in a shocking turn of events, it appears the ladies are there for each other and not the “Changes” deejay. That’s right; the women are all over each other in this music video – bumping, grinding, rubbing on each other’s erogenous zones and even making out.

The song? Well, it gave no indications that this is what we’d come to see. “You a di leader gyal you a di queen / nuh condom mi nuh need gyal yu p–y so clean / mi woulda breed yu take yu out a di scheme / put yu up pon the hillside weh me counting di green / P–y deh a blessing if you know what I mean / tun yu back way dis alone mek yu scream,” No hint here.

The Dancehall community reacted swiftly and harshly to Shenseea lying in bed with another woman in the music video for her popular song “Blessed.” We’re curious to see what the reaction will be like this time. Some fans think Foota Hype will inevitably bash the video and it’s hard to disagree.

In only two hours, the song had garnered over 40 thousand views, and we can only imagine what that number will be when it’s 24 hours or one week. Undoubtedly, the viewers – especially to whom the girl-on-girl action appeals – have been rewinding this video several times. Perhaps even utilizing the video speed adjustment option so they can see the ladies perform provocatively in slow-mo.

Check out the controversial music video below and stay tuned for the reactions that will ensue.