Romeich Bought A New House For His Mother In Florida

Romeich Major
Romeich Major

Romeich has undoubtedly entered the race for son of the year with his latest extravagant purchase. The artiste manager recently purchased a lovely new home in Tampa, Florida, for his mother, Mommy P.

Romeich’s mom, who recently migrated to the United States was ecstatic about her son’s thoughtful and high-priced gift. The already furnished home boasts gorgeous ceramic tiles, an exquisite granite countertop with a built-in stainless-steel stove and microwave, dark-hued maple cabinets and of course a stainless-steel two-door refrigerator. It seems Mommy P is all ready to settle in.

In the video shared online, that was filmed by Romeich’s older sister, the grateful mother is seen elated in her freshly minted abode. When asked to say something, she responded, “Hi. This is my lovely home.” As her daughter giggled happily, she continued, “Oh gracious, I am so blessed. Thank God for mi children; especially Romeich. Don’t feel no way doll.”

Big sister Fayoda seemed to know better than to take any offense from her mother’s remarks but still gave a hilarious reaction when she exclaimed “Lord God!” before the video was cut off.

A proud and appreciative mother – who could ask for more? Romeich took to social media on Monday to share the exciting news. In a heartfelt message shared on Instagram, he wrote, “You know these are reason I work so hard!!! To make my family comfortable and happy!!! after being a MOMMAS boy for 34 years Mommy P migrate and gone leave me but I’m still keeping mommy p happy just bought her a HOUSE IN Tampa, Florida as long as I am alive she and #xzander will never be short of nothing and big up to my big sister @fayodam.”

It is nice to see the Romeich Entertainment CEO celebrating such accomplishments. Congrats Mommy P.