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Bryson Tiller Drops New Song “Blame” Is an album coming soon?

Bryson Tiller

Bryson Tiller has finally made his return to the airwaves.

“Trap Soul” connoisseur Bryson Tiller mysteriously dropped a new song on his official website titled “Blame.” The song is not available on streaming platforms, however, it does have fans questioning whether this is the start of a progression towards a 2019 album release.

The song is a little over two minutes long with Bryson hitting a pocket that he’s best known for, starting off with smooth vocals that transitioned into rapping over a beat that’s reminiscent of productions from his debut album “Trap Soul.” And of course, the subject is about love. Bryson sings as if he’s speaking to a woman from a past relationship and reflecting on where they two may have gone wrong.

“Can’t keep explaining myself/ Feels like I’m draining myself/ I guess there’s no one to blame but myself,” the Louisville artist sings before starting the second half of the record with uptempo bars.

In December 2018 Bryson announced that he was pushing back his next project titled Serenity, but never revealed for how long. “I understand that people these days love to have music every 4 months, but that’s just not how I work,” the 26-year-old explained via his Instagram story. In May an album teaser for Serenity began floating around on the internet, although it didn’t unveil much detail.

Bryson Tiller lunged into the spotlight after dropping “Trap Soul” in 2015. He followed it up with his sophomore album “True to Self” in 2017, an effort that wasn’t as well received. The singer revealed through Twitter that he was going through a depression while recording his second album, and admitted that it affected the music.

So it’s good to see Bryson is releasing new music, hopefully in a healthier state of mind.

Bryson Tiller was nominated for a 2019 MTV Video Music Award alongside H.E.R. for their song “Could’ve Been,” in the Best R&B category.