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Bow Wow Disses Ciara During Performance: ‘I Had This B*tch First’

Bow Wow Shadmoss

Bow Wow drew some criticism for disrespecting Ciara on stage once again.

Bow Wow is known for his antics more so than his legendary music career as of late, and now he’s back at the foolery again. A video surfaced online of Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Moss, performing on stage and what looks like a nightclub. In the middle of his 2005 hit song “Like You,” featuring singer Ciara, Bow stops mid-verse and says “I had this b*tch first, you know that right?,” before continuing the duet.

The comment was made in reference to Bow Wow and Ciara’s public relationship that happened over a decade ago when the song was made. Since then, Ciara has dated other celebs like 50 Cent, her baby’s father Future, and of course, she is now happily married to Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russel Wilson. Ciara and Wilson has a 2-year-old daughter. The moral of the story is – Ciara moved on from Shadmos a long time ago, but clearly he has not.

It was pretty distasteful for him to mention her as a married woman, but also to call her out of her name using the B word. Once the video was posted to The Shaderoom, it got a lot of negative reactions from most commenters including singer Tank and ATL rapper T.I.

“Why though?.. City Boyz down 82,000,000 but that #HotManSummer is still ablaze!,” Tank said in the comment section on Instagram. T.I. also commented saying “Damn Cuzz… Just damn!!”

Meanwhile, Ciara is unbothered. Over the weekend the songstress shared a photo of her and her daughter Sienna posing in matching bathing suits. For some reason her ex’s, Bow Wow and Future included. Back in January, Future, who shares a son with Ciara, blasted Russel Wilson in an interview promoting his new album “The WIZRD,” claiming Wilson did everything Ciara told him to do.

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