Aidonia Makes Surprised Appearance At Reggae Sumfest


Aidonia fans were elated this weekend at the Reggae Sumfest Dancehall night when the artiste made a surprise appearance.

Genna Genna fans were disappointed to previously learn that the “Banga” hitmaker wasn’t a part of the line-up this year. However, they were put at ease when mere days before the show, Sumfest Chief, Joe Bogdanovich alluded to Aidonia becoming a last minute addition to the show, or at the very least, would make a surprise appearance. He told the STAR “I was in the park the other day, and at sunset, often the birds like to hang out there and chit-chat…and I don’t know what they have for this Donia kid, but boy, they couldn’t stop talking about him.”

Dancehall fans everywhere were pleased to find out that Aidonia was one of the tricks up Sumfest’s sleeve. Midway his set, Govana took off his tailored jacket before handing off the microphone to the Genna boss at the side of the stage. By then, the energy at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex was electrifying, and that’s before the dancehall giant uttered a word.

Two years ago it was Aidonia who was introducing Dancehall artiste “Govana” to the scene when he brought him out during his 2017 Reggae Sumfest performance. Since then the pair have created several hit Dancehall collabs, and Govana has been unstoppable. It was great to watch Govana bring out Didi during his own set. It signifies not only his undeniable rapid growth in Dancehall but also the obvious mutual respect that these Genna Genna DJs have.

Aidonia wore a black shirt with a sporty hijab, black pants and a red bulletproof vest with the word “Genna” in black, and Govana wore a brown plaid vest suit. The two performed all their hit collabs together effortlessly. The two DJs seemed to be having more fun than the event’s patrons as they danced, smiled, and performed new and old songs sending fans into a frenzy.

This was undoubtedly one of the more pleasant surprises from Dancehall night.