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ASAP Rocky Ordered Stay In Jail By Swedish Judge, Likely To Be Indicted

ASAP Rocky
ASAP Rocky

A judge in Sweden ordered ASAP Rocky to remain in jail, and now we’re learning that he will likely be indicted.

ASAP Rocky situation looks grim despite the efforts from his celebrity friends like Kim Kardashian to get him released. TMZ initially reported that Swedish prosecutors issued a press release before ASAP Rocky appeared in court early Friday morning saying they planned to indict the Harlem rapper and two others in his crew on charges of abuse, assault and attempted assault.

The weird part about the release was that it stated that prosecutors wanted to keep Rocky, born Rakim Meyers, in jail until next Thursday as they continue to investigate what happened in the street brawl that landed him in jail. The release raised questions on how an indictment would come down if prosecutors still hadn’t determined what exactly happened.

Moments later, Swedish prosecutors issued a revised press release and walked back the plans to indict him at Friday’s hearing. A judge then decided that ASAP Rocky remains in jail another week until the investigation was complete, TMZ said. Prosecutors claimed Rocky must remain in jail because he is a potential flight risk. Although law enforcement officials argued they needed more time to investigate, they’ve already shown their plans to indict him.

The 30-year-old rapper has been behind bars for over two weeks now awaiting charges stemming from a street fight that involved a Swedish man who harassed ASAP Rocky and hit his bodyguard with a set of headphones before the fight broke out. The events leading up to the brawl were all caught on video.

On Thursday it was reported that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West called on President Donald Trump and the White House to fight for ASAP Rocky’s release from jail in Sweden, where he is allegedly held in inhumane conditions. TMZ reported Thursday that a member of State Department was headed to Sweden to advocate on Rocky’s behalf.

Since ASAP Rocky’s arrest, several artists including Tyga, Tyler The Creator, and T.I. have sworn to cancel shows in Sweden to show solidarity for his case. Migos rapper Quavo also spoke out saying he was harassed by Swedish cops in the past as well.