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Chris Brown Impressed By Jamaican Dancing Couple

You know you’re a great dancer when you impressed Chris Brown.

The “No Guidance” singer is often referred to as the Michael Jackson or our generation because of his skills on the microphone as well as in the studio. Jamaican dancing couple, Domani ‘Patroy’ Black and Jay black, recently left an impression on Chris Brown after they auditioned for his “No Guidance” music video with Drake. The video is not yet out, but you can expect to see the couple showcasing their skills.

“My wife and I were there as a unit among 200 people on set, and we were vibing up the place with some Jamaican and dancehall steps, and all eyes were on us,” Patroy recently told the Star. “The Jamaican vibe is different. Once people see it, they just have to be in tuned with it like, ‘Where are these guys from?'”

Black says that Chris Brown came up to them on the second day of shooting and shared some positive words with them. The singer told the couple to keep doing what they’re doing, and they will hopefully be successful.

Domani, who is based in Florida, added that he hopes to work with Brown in the near future and be a part of his brand. He said that he learned a lot being around Chris Brown and Drake. He also shared a photo of himself, his wife, and Chris Brown on his IG page. “It’s been an honor to work with and see my idol in person, Such an inspiration bro,” he wrote.

The R&B singer and the Toronto rapper collaborated for the first time on the single “No Guidance” which debut in the top 10 on Billboard Hot 100. The single appeared on Brown’s new album, Indigo.