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Rapper Boonk Gang Broken Jaw Wired Shut For Six Weeks Unable To Talk

Boonk broken jaw

Rapper Boonk Gang, also known as John Gabbana, underwent surgery and is now in recovery.

Boonk Gang had his broken jaws wired shut, and it will stay that way for the next six weeks and currently he is unable to speak. The controversial rapper gave his fans an update on Monday when he posted another video of himself on IG showing the aftermath of his surgery over the weekend. His face was swollen in the video clip which he captioned, “6 weeks wired shut.”

In case you have been off the grid for the past couple of days, Boonk was s*cker-punched by another man on Saturday which shattered both of his jaws. He was rushed to the hospital where he had surgery to repair the damage within hours of his arrival.

It’s still unclear what went down between John Gabbana and the unnamed man. However, a video clip has been making the rounds showing a little confrontation between the men which ended in the man connecting his closed fist to Boonk’s face breaking his jaws. Known him, Gang will be back to his old antics in the streets and on social media within weeks. He has been arrested and shot and still going strong.

Get well soon, Boonk.

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