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LHH: Hazel-E Denies She Underwent Recent Plastic Surgeries Amidst Speculation

Did Hazel-E undergo another plastic surgery?

Former Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood star Hazel-E says it’s been years since her last surgery, and she’s just been eating good. The Cincinnati born former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood cast member wrote a message via her Instagram story early Tuesday morning in response to internet speculation that she’s had some additional work done on her body lately.

“Last time I had surgery was to fix my nose on March 25, 2016,” she wrote. “Before that was my breast reduction for my birthday in April 2015. I had veneers done only on my 4 front teeth in 2016 because I lost one in my crash,” said Hazel who currently resides in Houston.

“Just cuz my weight fluctuates doesn’t mean I’m sitting on surgery tables.” The reality star and #girlcode rapper admitted she does get some tweaks here and there but hasn’t had any major surgeries in years.

“I do get skin tightening and laser treatments, coolscultping which are non-invasive,” she continues. “I also share it with y’ all everytime I go. Maybe a chick is happy. I’m not stressed out skinny no morfe & that’s ok! Plus houston got me eating the best food in the [world]. That’s all… carry on.”

Afterward, fans responded with love calling her an inspiration. “Thank you all for your kind words I’m reading them and y’ all making me smile,” she said. Hazel-E also posted a photo of herself in a bikini where she acknowledged that she’s gained some weight and is trying to cut back on her Houston diet.

“I know I’ve been getting body shamed left and right and that’s ok,” she added. “But my girl @ms_ashleyn came to the rescue with her meal preps, I have to eat less “Houston” and more “Hollywood” oh well I’m a country gal at heart, and my man likes me thicc thicc, but healthy is the new sexy.”

Back in May Hazel-E was making headlines after she publicly blasted the City Girls, accusing Yung Miami of stealing some of her beats. The two went back and forth and social media, even hinting that they would get into an actual physical altercation, but the beef subsided without any violence.