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H.E.R. and YBN Cardae Are All About “Racks” Of Cash This Summer

HER and YBN Cordae

H.E.R. and YBN Cordae are all about their “Racks” of cash this summer.

The pair performed the single “Lord Is Coming” on Sunday night at the 2019 BET Awards in Los Angeles. The R&B singer showcases her vocals over a midtempo beat while singing about the dangerous nature of material things. YBN Cordae, on the other hand, raps about his hunger to find love. The rapper recently dropped off his new single “Bad Idea” which is doing very well.

“Honey, help me get by, it don’t matter if I / Caught myself expensive things, buy myself a diamond ring / Married to the mula, still ain’t got no lover / Lookin’ all I see is green, wonder can you buy me these?” H.E.R. sings.

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