Lawyer Speaks On Vybz Kartel Health Crisis In Prison

Is Vybz Kartel health deteriorating in prison?

The dancehall icon was rushed to a hospital in March of this year, sending his fans into a panic over his health. At the time, his attorney confirmed with Urban Islandz that he had a thyroid problem that he had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. Doctors were able to get it under control, and the deejay has been doing well since then. Vybz Kartel later thanked the doctors and nurses at the University Hospital of the West Indies where he was treated.

Kartel’s attorney, Valerie Neita-Robertson revealed last week that there is no new update on his appeal case. The veteran attorney also calms concerns over the deejay’s health. “They take him out of the prison from time to time to receive medical treatment, and he is under ongoing medical care,” Neita-Robertson said before adding that he is “receiving adequate medical attention.”

In April, some new photos surfaced on social media that again send Vybz Kartel’s fans into a panic. The images show the deejay behind bars during one of his regular visiting times with family and friends, and his face appears to be swollen, and he had a yellow kerchief around his neck.

After those images went viral, Vybz Kartel took a break from social media, which only left fans more uneasy. Sources in the Gaza camp told us that his thyroid problem is under control and it is not life-threatening.

“I understand the concerns, but it’s just a little issue with his thyroid and doctors know how to deal with it because they deal with issues like this all the time,” sources said. “There is no cause for concern man he is good just waiting on the appeal to come back a road that’s all there is to it.”