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Drake Gets Roasted On Twitter After Warrios Beat Raptors In Game 2


Drake is getting roasted on Twitter after the Golden State Warriors defeated the Raptors in game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night.

The Warriors stopped Drake from getting his second Infinity Stone on Sunday night when they prevailed over the Toronto Raptors to tie the series 1-1. You can recall that Drizzy was pretty pumped on Thursday night when his home team pulled off an upset to beat GSW in the NBA Finals first game. Steph Curry and company rallied in the second game, and the message was sent loud and clear.

As for Drake, he is getting roasted by the Warriors players and their fans. At the end of the game, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson called out the Toronto rapper while asking him why is he so quiet. They were right because he did troll them savagely last week Thursday when he called Draymond Green trash and wore Steph Curry’s dad old Raptors jersey.

“Aubrey, you ‘weren’t talking tonight were ya? With your bum a**,” Durant said. Let’s not forget that before the series all of these guys were friends and I trust that they would remain friends at the end of the series whoever comes out on top. Drake also has a Steph Curry and Kevin Durant tattoo that he strategically covered up during the first game.

By the way, Drake was also trolling Kevin Durant by wearing a hoodie with the word, “Kevin?!?!?!” on the back.