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50 Cent Beef With G-Unit Member Tony Yayo For Owing Him Money

50 Cent and Tony Yayo Beef
50 Cent and Tony Yayo

50 Cent is still in his “I want my money mood.”

The rap honcho attacked another one of his G-Unit members when he called out Tony Yayo on Instagram for owing him money. It appears that 50 Cent is going through some money problems or he is just in a foul mood and is tired of people owing him money. The rapper/actor has been busy collecting debts from everyone except Teairra Mari. Yesterday, he collected $100,000 from Rotimi and immediately used it to buy some jewelry.

Fifty posted a new video on Instagram where he sat inside his SUV and made a phone call to G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo to discuss all of the people who owe him money. “I was calling you ’cause I was thinking about people that gotta give me my money back,” Fif said before Yayo started getting panicked.

“Aww, man. Here we go, come on, big homie,” Yayo said in response. “What you talkin’ about?”

50 Cent then told him that he wasn’t talking about him, but because he mentioned it, he thinks Yayo should at least pay him back some of the money he has been giving him for years. Tony Yayo responded saying that there was never any agreement that he should pay back Fifty. “You never said I had to pay you back. We’re friends. What are you talking about?” Yayo said on the phone call.

The G-Unit rapper was quite surprised to learn that 50 Cent posted the video clip of their conversation. “You put this up you tripping homie,” he wrote in the comments.

It appears that 50 Cent has been successful in getting his debtors to pay up, but so far Teairra Mari has been the only one who has decided not to fork over a penny. The two have been duking it out in the courts and on social media for the past couple months.