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50 Cent Attack Power Stars Rotimi & Michael Rainey Jr. Say They Owe Him Money

50 Cent and Michael Rainey Jr

50 Cent says his Power co-stars Rotimi and Michael Rainey Jr. owes him money.

The G-Unit chief found some new targets this week. After trolling Young Buck savagely, 50 Cent turned his attention to his Power co-stars Rotimi, aka Dre, and LaGuardia Michael Rainey Jr., aka Tariq St. Patrick. According to Fifty, they both owe him money. On Wednesday, Rotimi posted a video of himself on Instagram thanking his fans for supporting his new album “Walk With Me” which is now the number one R&B album in the country.

50 Cent reposted the video while letting the world know that the actor/singer owes him $300,000 and he wants it by Monday. “Man **k all that I want my money by Monday. Cash ni**a where the bag at,” the rapper wrote. Fif added in another post, “I want to punch this ni**a nose.”

Fifty then posted a video of Michael Rainey Jr. dancing with his friends. “I knew I couldn’t trust this little ni**a. I want my money Monday.@rotimi #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac,” he captioned the video.

Rainey Jr. responded saying, “Fofty please I can’t take this right now.” Rotimi also responded to 50 Cent saying he doesn’t owe him any money. “The thing is, my record No. 1, I just bought a crib, I’m taking care of my family,” the actor said. “Why now? Why wait ’til Walk With Me is No. 1 on the R&B charts? … I don’t owe you brick.”

Still, 50 Cent insists that Rotimi owes him over a quarter of a mill. “You do owe me money! You independent now,” he said. “That’s right, you owe me $300,000. You No. 1, now you could pay me my money.”