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Drake Thanks Schoolboy Q At BBMAs For Naming Him A G.O.A.T.

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Drake gave Schoolboy Q a big shoutout at the Billboard Music Awards for calling him “one of the greats.”

During an interview on Hot 97 radio, Schoolboy Q made a huge statement saying that Drake got a lot of haters because a lot of people won’t admit that he is one of the greatest ever to take up the mic. He pretty much says that anyone who doesn’t agree with his statement is a “dweeb.”

For years, Drake has wrestled with the idea floating around that he is a culture vulture. Despite getting a lot of hate from some members of the hip hop community, Drizzy remains the most successful rapper on the planet commercially for three years straight now. Schoolboy Q echoed the same chain of thoughts when it comes to the Toronto rapper’s own success.

Drake won the Billboard Music Awards for Top Billboard 200 Album for his album Scorpion. In his acceptance speech, Drizzy says he reached out to Schoolboy Q and personally thanked him for the gesture.

“Schoolboy Q said something really nice about me the other day, and I had to sit there and debate whether or not I was gonna reach out to him,” Drake said. “Obviously I didn’t feel like being that guy that’s too cool, so I reached out to him. I let him know that it meant the world to me.”

Drizzy also shoutout Offset and Quavo in the audience and even the fictional character in Game of Thrones, Arya Stark, played by British actress Maisie Williams.