Rihanna Hilariously Checked Fans Who Asked Her For New Music On IG


Rihanna has some of the best responses to her fans on Instagram who are asking for new music.

The pop singer turn fashion and cosmetics mogul has been busy promoting her new Fenty Beauty makeup. “These shades are delicious! Do you guys use bronzer for warmth or contour? Cause I use it for everything lol, including eyeshadow!” she wrote on in the caption of a post on Instagram. Rihanna fans weren’t too interested in her makeup game, they want that new album she promised them from 2016.

“Ok now can you please go back to singing,” one fan wrote to which Rihanna clapped back, “I love how Y’all te me what to do. It’s great.”

Another fan wrote, “Annoyed. We want the album sis.” RiRi responded saying, “Well this is bronzer.”

There are a lot more comments like these on her Instagram posts, and now and then, RiRi decided to comb through the comments and respond to some of them. We’re actually glad that she does because it’s entertaining.

“I don’t even care if your next album is about your Fenty products or your lingerie line. Just please release it already this is torture we ain’t got new other female out here dropping music like your sh*t sis,” one female fan wrote.