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Listen Chronic Law New Song “Rich Gyal” On G6ixx Riddim

Chronic Law drops off a new song “Rich Gyal” on the G6ixx Riddim.

Chronic Law is a rising member of the 6ixx crew headed by Squash. His newest single “Rich Gyal” was produced by rising Mobay producer Shabdon and is featured on the G6ixx Riddim. “Yow Squash man a nuff gal in a the room / Couple a them a fi you, couple of them a fi you / Rich gyal weh look like them work in a Taboo / A tell me them waan breed and tell no use boots / But can’t take me fi fool no no,” Law sings.

Chronic Law is hailed from St. Thomas, the same community where Popcaan is from but he is aligned to the 6ixx crew out of Montego Bay.