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Nipsey Hussle: Shitty Cuz Share Private Meek Mill Messages About Murder

Nipsey Hussle and Meek Mill

Nipsey Hussle murder suspect, Eric Holder aka Sh*tty Cuz, shares private messages Meek Mill sent him about the case.

Eric Holder is currently in police custody facing multiple charges including murder following the gut-wrenching shooting death of rapper Nipsey Hussle. Cops arrested Holder who also goes by the alias Sh*tty Cuz, at a mental health facility in Los Angeles yesterday. However, before he was cuffed and taken into custody, the suspect was on Instagram proclaiming his innocence. He even shared a screenshot of a direct message that Meek Mill sent to him while claiming that the Philly rapper was trying to set him up.

“[Meek Mill] Dm and I feel like he trying to set me up,” Sh*tty Cuz wrote on IG. “Can’t trust a soul. I feel like a [target] Leaving Las Vegas now to head back to LA to meet with my lawyer, I’m innocent. Y’all took my brother @fly_ass_melly_56 away, I just got news about it. Y’all go pay for this sh*t fr.”

The alleged message from Meek Mill reads, “[I don’t know] you but you in the middle of some bullsh*t as a man with a black face… I’m not going to put it on you, but you need to come out and say something immediately fam!”

“Do you understand what’s going on why they got ya name in the middle of this sh*t,” Meek continues. “As someone out the streets, I’m not gone show nobody this.”

Meek Mill assured Sh*tty Cuz that he wasn’t going to release the direct messages to the public, but Holder decided that he would do it anyway, possibly for some clout chasing because he knew the walls were closing in. If the cops didn’t get to him before the streets, then things would’ve been a much different story.

Nipsey Hussle was shot six times and killed on Sunday in what police believed to be a personal dispute between the rapper and the shooter. Two other men were shot and injured in the shooting incident that took placed outside the Marathon Clothing store owned by Hussle.