Reggae Album “In Our America” Inspired By Trump Tops Billboard Chart

Aaron Nigel Smith America album

A reggae album inspired by President Trump tops the Billboard chart.

U.S. based reggae star Aaron Nigel Smith started out recording a song dedicated to his wife after she was saddened by Trump winning the Presidential Election in 2016. That one song, inspired by “Ring The Alarm,” grew into an entire body of work that would earn the singer the top post on the Billboard Reggae Chart.

“It was the day after the US elections, and I looked at my wife, and she was so disappointed, and the song ‘Ring The Alarm’ came to me,” Smith told the Gleaner. “It started out as a tribute to women, and it just ended up being an entire project. In fact, it so happened that Ring The Alarm is not even among the first two songs released because it is a pretty aggressive song, so we used More Love and Visions as the mainstream singles.”

In Our America debut at the top of the Billboard Reggae Chart last week and slipped to No. 7 this week. Aaron Nigel Smith says he has been getting some positive feedback for the album. The singer added that he felt compelled to do the album because of the state of the country.

Smith has no Jamaican roots but says he is just in love with the culture after discovering reggae music after a friend gave him a copy of Bob Marley and The Wailers’ Natty Dread album. The Michigan native says his grandmother was instrumental in getting him involved in music.