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Cardi B Responds To Critics Explains Why She Trademarked “Okurrr”

Cardi B got her “Okurrr” down pat, and now she will be profiting off the famous catchphrase invented by pigeons and made popular by her.

If you’re an avid follower of Cardi B, then you would’ve been very familiar with her catchphrase, Okurrr. She has now filed for a trademark and will be using it on merchandising including cups and clothing like T-Shirts, hoodies and bathing suits. After the news broke yesterday, some folks started criticizing her for trademarking the phrase, and now she is clapping back while explaining her thought process behind the trademark filing.

“Let me tell you something, every single time I go to a cooperate meeting, these folks be like oh my God I can’t wait to hear you say it, please say Okurrr,” she said in a video clip posted on her Instagram. “Every time I go to a TV show they said ‘hey can you teach me how to say Okurrr.’ Every time I do a commercial they say ‘hey can you finish it off with Okurrr.'”

Cardi B says she planned on profiting off her catchphrase and there is no apology because other races do it all the time. “B**ch you think am not going to profit off this sh*t,” she said. “White folks do it all the motherf***ing time. So you’re going to be mad at me because I want to get some motherf**** money?”

“Let me tell you something, while am still here am goin’ secure all the f***ing bags,” she continues. How can you hate on Cardi B for securing her bag and stacking up her bank account?

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