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Nicki Minaj Barbies Going Bad At Drake’s Concerts In Europe

Nicki Minaj on stage

Nicki Minaj and Drake are on a rough patch, and the fans are feeling it too.

The two Young Money rappers are currently touring in Europe for their respective tours, but they never link up even when they’re within driving distance apart. Earlier this year, Nicki Minaj released her “Barbie Goin Bad” freestyle over Meek Mill and Drake’s collaboration “Going Bad.” She did take some shots at both rappers with some fiery bars. Drizzy never responded to her, but Meek has been taking some subliminal shots lately.

Drake was performing the song at his Parish “Assassination Vacation” tour on Saturday when one fan, clearly a big Nicki Minaj fan, decided to spit her lyrics at the same time. You can watch the hilarious video below.

“Neck tat say “Onika” / I got more slaps than Aretha / When you lose the Queen, ni**as friendly, dawg / It was just back to back like Wembley, dawg,” the female fan raps.

This fan would make Nicki Minaj proud and perhaps put her on her next track. Nevertheless, this makes for good comedy if you’re day is not going so well. Clearly, Nicki’s barbies are going bad at Drake’s concerts.

We’re all still in the dark about what really went down between Nicki and Drake why they fell out. Sources are saying that it has a lot to do with Drizzy and Meek Mill being friends again. Additionally, during the height of her beef with Travis Scott last year, Drake brought out his “Sicko Mode” collaborator on his tour in Los Angeles, and she was reportedly angry about it.