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Offset Says It Scared Him When He Almost Lost Cardi B

Cardi B and Offset

Offset is speaking out on almost losing his wife Cardi B.

In November last year, Cardi B abruptly announced on Instagram that she is filing for divorce from Offset. The two had been broken up for over a week prior over some cheating allegations. Offset denied cheating on his wife with another female but admitted that he did entertain the idea and apologized for doing that. In his sit down with The Breakfast Club this morning, the Migos rapper opened up about almost losing Cardi B and about protecting their baby girl Kulture from the world.

Offset says it terrified him during their separation that he could lose the love of his life. Thankfully the two managed to work out their differences and spent Christmas together. It did take Cardi B some time to come around, but even she admitted that she misses the Migos rapper and misses having their little family together.

Offset raps about being a terrible husband on his new single “Don’t Lose Me,” which is a bit of an official sorry to his wife. The Atlanta trapper is currently doing his press run to promote his new album Father of 4, which was released last week Friday.

The rapper has been opening himself up to the world unlike we’ve ever seen before. Offset also revealed on Twitter last week that his new album is a true story with every single song reflecting his personal life and experiences.