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Buju Banton Says He Is Now Ready To Speak After Weeks Of Silence

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Buju Banton is now ready to speak to the masses after weeks of silence.

Since his release from prison on December 7th last year, Buju Banton has kept himself out of the media and the public space for the most part. We haven’t heard much from the Grammy-winning reggae singer except for when he is promoting his upcoming concert at the National Stadium in Kingston, set for March 16. The Gargamel says his silence is deliberate because he wants to observe before he speaks.

“Eighty-six months of chains is finally over,” Buju said in a video clip posted on his Instagram page. “I’ve deliberately kept my silence so I could observe with my own eyes what is going on, not only locally, but globally. How are you? I am ready for you, are you ready for me? We have nuff [a lot of] things to talk [a]bout.

Buju Banton says he is ignorant to Instagram, but he will learn. “Me realize say a pon this everybody a talk and a run off them mouth,” he continues. “I readily admit I am ignorant to it but am gonna get it, you will see. But until then see you soon, I hope to see you, because I need to see you, we got so much things to talk about.”

Buju Banton returned to Jamaica the same day that he was released from a federal prison in Georgia. The reggae legend is gearing up to hit the road for his first major tour which will see him and his band performing across the Caribbean and Europe. A rep for the singer told Urban Islandz that more “Long Walk To Freedom Tour” dates would be announced.

Before going overseas, Buju Banton will be performing for 30K plus fans on his home ground. His show at the National Stadium will mark the beginning of his “Long Walk To Freedom Tour.”

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