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Rapper YNW Melly Denied Bail Faces Life In Double Murder Case

YNW Melly rapper

YNW Melly was remanded into custody after a judge denied him bail.

The Florida rapper appeared in court on Friday for his arraignment. His attorney requested that he released on bail, but prosecutors argued against it, and the judge subsequently denied him bond. Urban Islandz reported this week that YNW Melly, born Jamell Maurice Demons, turned himself in to police on Thursday after a warrant was issued for his arrest in a double murder.

Miramar police department reported that another one of his associates, Cortlen Henry, was also arrested and is now facing murder charges. Cops said that Demons and Henry are responsible for the murder of two of their friends, Anthony Williams, and Christopher Thomas Jr. The two men were shot multiple times on October 26, 2018. They were taken to the Memorial Hospital Miramar at around 4:35 a.m. where they were pronounced dead.

Cops say that YNW Melly was the trigger man in the double murder and then the two men staged the murder scene to look like a drive-by shooting.

In a post on Instagram, Melly denied killing his two friends who were aspiring rappers. “Unfortunately a lot of rumors and lies are being said but no worries god is with me and my brother @ynw.bortlen and we want y’all to remember it’s a ynw Family I love you @ynwsakchaser1 and @ynwjuvy #freeus,” he wrote.