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Offset Call Out Chris Brown For Trolling 21 Savage With Hilarious Meme

Offset pounce on Chris Brown for trolling 21 Savage with a hilarious meme.

Earlier this week, we saw Demi Lovato received a massive backlash from the hip-hop community after she shared a meme about 21 Savage being British. On Wednesday, Chris Brown shared a meme on Instagram about the Atlanta rapper who is currently locked down for 23 hours a day in ICE custody. Migos rapper Offset has been a staunched defender of 21, and he noticed Brown’s post and immediately called him out for it.

The meme is an old video of 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert, and Lil Yachty doing a cypher but someone added a voiceover in a British accent while 21 was rapping. “Memes Ain’t funny lame,” Offset commented on the post.

While a few fans found it funny, the vast majority seems to have had enough of the memes about 21 Savage given the seriousness of the matter. Some of Chris Brown fans were even pushing back at Offset for jumping on his page.

“@offsetyrn lmao it is funny!!!! It’s just not funny to you cause he yo boy!!! Comment back when your off your period,” one fan wrote while another added, “@offsetyrn he did say “stop playing wit da mans..” so clearly it ain’t funny to him lame.”

To be fair to Breezy, he didn’t post the video to be funny about it, since he was telling others to stop posting things like it. Nevertheless, he could’ve just wrote on it his page rather than share a video.

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