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Rapper Blueface Arrested In Los Angeles For Illegal Gun

Blueface rapper

Rapper Blueface found himself in police custody for illegal gun possession.

The fast-rising West Coast rapper was arrested in Los Angeles on Friday night after cops were tipped off that a rapper is in an area where there are a lot of robberies. TMZ reported that police got the tip from someone who told them that Blueface was carrying a large quantity of cash and was wearing a lot of jewelry.

Cops say they were concerned that he could be an easy target for criminals since there have been a lot of robberies in the area as of late. Blueface and his crew quickly dispersed the scene when LAPD arrived, and some of them threw their guns as they fled. Cops determined that the guns were loaded.

The rapper and two other of his crew members were taken into custody and booked for felony possession of a loaded firearm. Blueface was released on a $35,000 bail.

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