Spice Says Love & Hip Hop Helped Build Her Brand Internationally


Spice says being on “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” helped build her brand on the international market.

Spice dancehall fans were caught off guard when she announced last year that she is joining the cast of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.” It’s still unclear if she will return on the show for the next season. Speaking with the Star, the “Black Hypocrisy” deejay says being on the show helped her gain more fans on the international market, particularly in the United States where the show is popular.

“The other day when I did Black Hypocrisy the photo you’d notice it was everywhere,” Spice said. “Most of the headlines were saying: ‘Spice from Love & Hip Hop.’ The dancehall world found it offensive, but the truth is, that’s what the American fans knew me from. If I wasn’t on the show, most of the tabloids and media publishing it as if I was just a regular girl from Jamaica, it wouldn’t have been so widely received. The impact the show had on my career was that I gained a wider audience, which is exactly why I went there.”

Spice also noted that some of her fans were against her decision to join the VH1 reality TV show because of the stigma surrounding the “Love and Hip Hop” franchise involving physical fights and endless drama.

Although she did get into a few fights with her cast mates, Spice says the overall experience on the show helped her music career, and now she is hoping it will also help her acting aspirations. The dancehall diva says she is now eyeing a career in acting and is hoping that a big movie producer would cast her in a major big screen flick.

Plenty of recording artists have successfully make the transition from music to acting including Popcaan who recently land a major role in the hit movie The Intent.