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Cardi B and Offset Quietly Working On Their Broken Marriage

Cardi B and Offset breakup

Cardi B and Offset have already rekindled their relationship.

The two rappers are now quietly working on their broken marriage after weeks of turmoil. During the holidays, Cardi B and Offset were spotted in the Caribbean on vacation after he pleaded with her to spend Christmas with him. TMZ has reported that the pair is back on good terms but not fully back together. The site reported that they both regularly talk to each other and are focusing on fixing their marriage.

Offset has vowed to change his ways and desperately want to get back his wife, while Cardi B really misses the Migos rapper and want them to be a family again.

In one of her recent Instagram Live sessions, Cardi explained that she went on vacation with Offset because she “had to get f***.” She was very vocal and straightforward that she misses his eggplant. It’s now evident that she is running back to him with open arms and still has some reservations about his cheating ways.

The couple didn’t spend New Years together because Cardi B was touring in New Zealand and Offset was performing with Migos in Miami.