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NBA YoungBoy Distant Self From Girlfriend Who Tattoo His Face On Her Boob

NBA YoungBoy girlfriend tattoo

NBA YoungBoy is distancing himself from a female who went viral with a tattoo of the rapper on her boob.

Fans getting tattoos of their favorite celebrities is nothing new, but one female is stirring up some controversies with a portrait tattoo of YoungBoy Never Broke Again on her boob. The woman is rumored to be in a relationship with the Baton Rouge rapper. “I don’t have no girlfriend I don’t know what’s going on I ain’t been influencing b*tch,” the rapper wrote on Twitter.

The female fan/rumored girlfriend who goes by the Twitter handle Arabian also denied the rumors that she is NBA YoungBoy‘s girlfriend. “I’m nobody’s girlfriend stop the lies please the tattoo is just apart of my story,” she tweeted. “I never said he told me to get that Y’all came up with all this so stop saying I took an L BC of y’all false accusations and meanings behind his tweets… idk what y’all got going on.”

NBA YoungBoy ex-girlfriend Jania is currently pregnant with his baby. The two went through a rocky relationship before calling it quits. The rapper’s fans have been reacting to the latest round of controversy with dismay.

“Why would you get a giant tattoo of a man on your boob of all the man places on your body that you could’ve gotten it,” one fan wrote while another added, “Nothing about this is cool like this girl just look stupid and will regret this tattoo by next week I guarantee you.”