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Bounty Killer Blast Dalton Harris He Is Not A Good Representative For Jamaica

Bounty Killer live

Bounty Killer had some more things to get off his chest about Dalton Harris.

The dancehall legend is clearly still feeling salty about the infamous photo of Dalton Harris sitting on his fellow contestant, Brendan Murray’s lap. Bounty Killer, who was a big supporter of The X Factor champion, now says he withdrew his support after the photo went viral and triggered rumors claiming that he is gay. Of course, Harris has denied the rumors, but that is not enough for Grunggadzilla.

During one of his recent performances, Bounty Killer lash out at Dalton Harris while telling the crowd that he is not a good representative for Jamaica on the global stage.

“I represent for you because you’re a fellow Jamaican,” Killer told the crowd. “You out in the world should be representing for us as fellow Jamaicans. Jamaicans don’t hold certain morals and values… for that no gratitude.”

Bounty Killer then went on to deliver a stellar performance with the crowd on its feet.