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Ebro Crowns Chris Brown The “King Of R&B” Fans Troll Jacquees

Chris Brownn

Chris Brown fans crowned him the new king of R&B while trolling Jacquees.

If you’ve been on Twitter today, then you would’ve seen Chris Brown and Jacquees trending next to the “King Of R&B.” The whole debate started on Sunday night when fans began arguing over who the real king of R&B music is. Tank added his voice to the mix when he suggested that R. Kelly is the one true king of R&B.

Jacquees threw a whole wrench into the conversation when he released a video proclaiming himself as the king of this generation. He got hammered on social media for his bold statement. Now Chris Brown fans are saying that he is the true king of the genre because of his body of work and his consistency.

“Chris Brown is the one true king of R&B and I don’t want anyone putting that ni**a Jacquees name in this conversation because Usher was the king and then he passed that crown to Breezy and he got it ever since,” one fan wrote.

Some fans even mentioned The Weeknd and Bruno Mars as being among the artists who is leading the genre currently. “If it’s not my man Chris Brown then it must be The Weeknd or Bruno Mars, but this Jacquees ni**a ain’t even have an original song much less being the king of R&B, man somebody get that fool out of here,” another fan wrote.

Hot 97 radio host Ebro Darden even added his voice to the conversation by saying that he sees Chris Brown as the true King of R&B. “EVERY RnB singer knows Chris Brown is the current #KingOfRnB he wins every category! FOH!” Ebro tweeted. “Who is out singing, songwriting & out perfroming Chris Brown?? Da fuq is wrong with ya’ll?? Why are you doing this?? Usher & Trey Songz is the only ones competing.”