Popcaan Says He Has More Movies Roles Coming Up

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Popcaan says his role in The Intent 2 is just the beginning of his acting career.

Popcaan made his big screen debut in The Intent 2: The Come Up, now showing in theaters in the UK, but it turns out that this will not be the final major movie role for the Unruly Boss. Last week, Poppy showcased a clip from the movie where he showed off his acting skills, and according to the dancehall deejay, he has more upcoming roles.

“This movie is just the beginning,” he said. “I already start shooting other movies, and we about to do a documentary, a proper one, about my life and my journey. It a go hit the streets probably next year, but we a start shoot it from now. Acting is definitely something I will be doing more of.”

Popcaan played a character name Soursop in the movie The Intent 2. Soursop is the king of the underworld in Kingston who is at war with a new gang that’s trying to take over his turf.

Initially, Popcaan was believed to have a minor role in the film given that he is an amateur actor. However, the film’s director praised the dancehall star for his acting chops and given the significant role of being the main villain in the movie, Poppy has since seen a high demand for his services.

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