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Desiigner Tries To Punch Fan For Calling Him A Future Knockoff


Don’t ever call Desiigner a knockoff version of Future.

A video surfaced online on Wednesday showing Desiigner performing at one of his concerts in Denmark this week when a fan egged him on to attack him and even called him a Future knockoff. Ever since his rise to fame in 2015, the “Panda” rapper has been getting criticisms for sounding too much like Future. This video clip, obtained by TMZ, shows him being heckled by one fan over the same issue.

Desiigner and his heckler get face-to-to, and the rapper pulled off a punch, but it looked like it didn’t connect. Perhaps that’s a good thing it didn’t connect because that saves him from a potential lawsuit.

In related news, Desiigner went on a social media rant yesterday telling his fans to boycott Scandinavian Airlines because they kicked him off a plane and banned him for a year. The airline says that the rapper was behaving threateningly towards the flight crew, so they kicked him off for safety reasons.