Shenseea Butt Suddenly Fatter, Says It’s All Natural

Shenseea butt implant

Shenseea says her sudden fatter rear end is all natural.

Shenseea is one of the hottest new dancehall artists in the game right now both physically and musically. If you follow her on the Gram, then you will know what I am talking about, you will almost always be in awe about her natural beauty. These days she is starting to show a little more junk in the chunk, and some fans have been speculating that she went under the knife like so many other female artists in the game.

Sources around her told Urban Islandz exclusively that she didn’t do a butt job and what you see is the result of months of working hard in the gym. “Some people don’t believe say you can do it all natural but you have to work your azz off in the gym and eat good,” sources said. “Where were these people when ShenYeng a put in early morning work in the gym. It’s all natural nutten no enhance round here.”

Some ShenYeng fans are still not convinced that she didn’t do a butt implant. “Happy birthday Shenseea but we all know this not natural yo check Dr. Miami and nothing wrong with it,” one fan wrote.

Nevertheless, if you know Shenseea, then you would see that she is real AF and wouldn’t have a problem dishing about her implant/enhancement.

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