Tommy Lee Sparta and Samantha J Drops New Collab “Cut Eye”

Tommy Lee Sparta and Samantha J

Tommy Lee Sparta links with Samantha J on his new single “Cut Eye.”

Tommy Lee Sparta is back on the airwaves with some new material. The Guzu Musiq deejay has been teasing the new track on the Gram for the pass few weeks. The track was produced by Ricardo Gowe Records and marks the first time that these two dancehall hitmakers are working together.

“What da gal deh a pree, a pitty she no know say yo have up yo degree, gal you no poppy show nuff a them a wannabe, you a real leather Clarks them a fake Wallabee, gal yo full a bank cards pure money yo a pree,” Tommy Lee deejays over a dancehall beat. A music video for the track is on the way.